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Posted by dynomo11 - May 25th, 2010

So its been a long time since I last uploaded anything to newgrounds or even made a post. Well first things first.

I do hope to get the Yucaipia Fantasy series uploaded here someday. I enjoy making them but as you allready know if yo are a fan of them on youtube. That YF4 will be the finale and end of the series all together. It sucks but I really want to move onto other things which arent video game parodies. Well all the characters are original as with the story but I get sick of doing all the battle menus and stuff. Very time consuming and you can't blame me there.

Another series which I dub Grindhouse Project is in the filming stages. Its probably my hardest and project yet, and maybe my greatist. Ill upload a poster for it here when the time comes. Rating wise it will be probably a R-X rating due to graphic violence, use of alcohol, and Nudity. I will mke a censored version just cause I really need to for my younger audience. This Series will for sure uploaded to newgrounds at some point it. Probaby not cause I know how perverted people here on Newgrounds are when they see a pair of boobs.

to view Yucaipia Fantasy, youtube.com/insanitypictures or our website insanitypcturesinc.page.t/
I would watch YF3 or otw for yf1 and yf2 are just complete crap.

Posted by dynomo11 - October 11th, 2009

Hoping to put it on newgrounds soon. unlike the youtube version you should be able to choose the action that the character does. however due to my friend who was helping me with that part he moved im going to probably just upload them as they are but will upload YF3 with the actions to select.

and for those who dont want to wait watch the first one here.

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Posted by dynomo11 - May 5th, 2008

For those who care and have been waiting. Yes I am still doing shonen Heroes. I just been busy with Yucaipia Fantasy II. Whats that you say look it up on youtube or goto my website to watch it. I am and may end of putting it on newgrounds. Anyway Shonen Heroes Ep2 you wont see intill I say August but dont hold it to me. Sometimes it can come out later.